The Elvin protocol suite consists of multiple, semi-independent protocols. Each protocol unit is specified using the IETF's Internet-Draft format and language, under the rules specified in RFC-2026. It is our intention to publish these specifications as Informational RFCs once they reach a suitable maturity.

Researchers and implementors are invited to contribute to these specifications, via the discussion list. If there is sufficient interest, a suitable working group will be chartered, probably within the IETF.

Specification Description
draft-elvin-uri-prelim-02.txt elvin: URL scheme
draft-elvin-router-discovery-00.txt Router Discovery
draft-elvin-client-40-07.txt Client
draft-elvin-cluster-prelim-01.txt Cluster
draft-elvin-federation-10-00.txt Federation
draft-elvin-rlm-prelim-01.txt Reliable Local-area Multicast
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