The Elvin client protocol supports an extensible security model, where the format and use of keys is determined by a scheme identifier within the KeyBlock.

Implementors seeking registration of key schemes should contact registrar@elvin.org to coordinate specification (in case there are multiple overlapping proposals), and ultimately submit the specification for registration and publication.

Identifier Specification Description
0   reserved
1 draft-elvin-sha1keys-00.txt SHA-1 Dual scheme
2 draft-elvin-sha1keys-00.txt SHA-1 Producer
3 draft-elvin-sha1keys-00.txt SHA-1 Consumer
4 draft-elvin-md5keys-00.txt MD5 Dual scheme
5 draft-elvin-md5keys-00.txt MD5 Producer
6 draft-elvin-md5keys-00.txt MD5 Consumer
7 draft-elvin-sha256keys-00.txt SHA-256 Dual scheme
8 draft-elvin-sha256keys-00.txt SHA-256 Producer
9 draft-elvin-sha256keys-00.txt SHA-256 Consumer
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