This form is the preferred way to register a notification format. It allows definition of the messages used by an application, and specification of the format owner and relevant web documentation.



Unique identifying name for this notification format. Should use a reversed DNS domain name as a prefix, so the name is something like com.startup.killer-app.
Version Major Minor
  Integer major version number. For a named format, the major version should only be incremented when a change is made to the format which is not backward compatible. Integer minor version number. For a named format, the minor version should be incremented for each addition made to the format, ie. extra fields are defined. Where the names or types of attributes are changed, the major version should be incremented.


Short description of the purpose of this message type and its role in the owning application.


URL for web page describing the application that produces messages of this format. This should allow programmers browsing the format registry to find out more about your application.


Email address for the owner of the format. This address is used as a contact point for the format author.


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