The following list of projects or organisations each implements some or all of the Elvin protocols.


Arriva is an Elvin Router implementation from Arriva Software, immediately available for Windows and Fedora Linux. Arriva supports the standard TCP protocol, lightweight notification over UDP, and features a built-in web server for management and statistics. Evaluation downloads are available from the Arriva website.


Avis is a free software (GPL/LGPL) Elvin Router and Java SDK implementation. It is actively maintained and being extended to support a wide range of Elvin features. Avis is available for all Java 5 platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and Linux.


The Elvin protocol was developed at the DSTC, a distributed systems research organisation based in Australia. It subsequently sold the Elvin intellectual property to Mantara Software before shutting down in 2005. DSTC previously offered no-cost Elvin downloads for educational or evaluation purposes.

Embedded Elvin

An Elvin client library, written in C. Suitable for embedded use using Nut/OS and Ethernut or Dynamic C and Rabbit 2000 development systems, or hosted use on Unix. Derived from LEEP by Toby Smith at the University of Queensland.

Mantara Software

Mantara Software previously provided an Elvin router and libraries for C, COM, Macromedia Director, Emacs LISP, Java, .NET, PERL and Python. Mantara discontinued its Elvin products in 2006.

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