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Matthew Phillips matt at mattp.name
Sat Oct 13 00:35:27 CDT 2007

On 13/10/2007, at 1:04 AM, William R. Hazlewood wrote:

> At our university we are building a "Living Lab" out of a small  
> house on campus.  The house will be heavily outfitted with  
> different sensors. My plan was to just write an app that had each  
> sensor as a producer on an elven server, and this would allow any  
> students to have access to the sensor information.  I wanted to do  
> things in C# but I'll be just as happy in Java. I'll get this all  
> set up with one of the other elvin implementations, and see if i  
> can report on some of the going's on. I'd be happy to supply any  
> sort of debugging info you need as well.

That would be great. It seems like a lot of the current users of  
Elvin are in universities. Which is a good thing, since it's a  
perfect fit for a lot of the projects students work on and can easily  
be extended into 'production' use. Will be interested to hear how you  
go - sensor data seems like another area that Elvin is well suited  
to. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


> Matthew Phillips wrote:
>> Hi Richie,
>> I work for the Australian Department of Defence, and we too are  
>> quite fond of Elvin. I'll let the Mantara guys fill you in on  
>> what's going on with the company (I'd be interested in an update  
>> myself actually), but we are in the process of migrating from  
>> Mantara Elvin to Avis (http://avis.sourceforge.net). I developed  
>> Avis in response to the retirement of Elvin as a product and the  
>> perceived low probability that the new Mantara management would  
>> allow Elvin to be open sourced.
>> Most of our projects build on the Java platform, so I've also  
>> developed a Java client API, and one of our partners (CSIRO) is in  
>> the process of developing a C++ API which will also be part of the  
>> Avis project.
>> In terms of performance and reliability, all I can say is it's  
>> good enough for our needs and, since it's also being used by  
>> several of our partners, I can be fairly confident it will be a  
>> long-term option given the commitment we have to it.
>> Cheers,
>> Matthew.
>> On 12/10/2007, at 2:04 AM, William R. Hazlewood wrote:
>>> I just joined the list, I've been using Elvin over the years, and  
>>> to my surprise when i went to Mantara's webpage to download an  
>>> update, boom, All the sudden the website is in New Jersey and my  
>>> login does not work.
>>> I've been hunting around the web to try and figure out what  
>>> happened. I guess mantara is no longer supporting elvin. luckily  
>>> it looks like others are implementing the spec. I love this  
>>> software and I hope it continues to exist.
>>> Did mantara own all the rights to the other API's they developed.  
>>> I think I used to have access to a C API, JAVA API, .NET, PERL,  
>>> PYTHON, etc.  Is that all gone now?
>>> Is the leading implementation the Arriva one? In other words, if  
>>> I want to implement a project using Elvin as the middleware, what  
>>> do you recommend?
>>> Finally, Is Ted Phelps no longer involved at all? :-) He was a  
>>> smart guy!
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> Richie
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