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William R. Hazlewood whazlewo at indiana.edu
Fri Oct 12 10:34:49 CDT 2007

I must say, if Mantara is going to be stingy, I'm awfully glad this new 
community is starting. I hope we can grow it somehow.  I assume that 
since most have gone through the trials and tribulations of developing 
an Elvin protocol implementation already, the second iteration will just 
be that much better. I'll do my best to promote the technology, it's 
taken weeks and weeks off my project implementations in the past by 
letting me get several systems talking to one another.

Of course I'd be willing to offer any feedback or assistance I can. I've 
written one tiny API, but thats just because I discovered PERL's InLine 
module, so it really just looked like an API :-).

At our university we are building a "Living Lab" out of a small house on 
campus.  The house will be heavily outfitted with different sensors. My 
plan was to just write an app that had each sensor as a producer on an 
elven server, and this would allow any students to have access to the 
sensor information.  I wanted to do things in C# but I'll be just as 
happy in Java. I'll get this all set up with one of the other elvin 
implementations, and see if i can report on some of the going's on. I'd 
be happy to supply any sort of debugging info you need as well.

Feeling Grateful,


Matthew Phillips wrote:
> Hi Richie,
> I work for the Australian Department of Defence, and we too are quite 
> fond of Elvin. I'll let the Mantara guys fill you in on what's going on 
> with the company (I'd be interested in an update myself actually), but 
> we are in the process of migrating from Mantara Elvin to Avis 
> (http://avis.sourceforge.net). I developed Avis in response to the 
> retirement of Elvin as a product and the perceived low probability that 
> the new Mantara management would allow Elvin to be open sourced.
> Most of our projects build on the Java platform, so I've also developed 
> a Java client API, and one of our partners (CSIRO) is in the process of 
> developing a C++ API which will also be part of the Avis project.
> In terms of performance and reliability, all I can say is it's good 
> enough for our needs and, since it's also being used by several of our 
> partners, I can be fairly confident it will be a long-term option given 
> the commitment we have to it.
> Cheers,
> Matthew.
> On 12/10/2007, at 2:04 AM, William R. Hazlewood wrote:
>> I just joined the list, I've been using Elvin over the years, and to 
>> my surprise when i went to Mantara's webpage to download an update, 
>> boom, All the sudden the website is in New Jersey and my login does 
>> not work.
>> I've been hunting around the web to try and figure out what happened. 
>> I guess mantara is no longer supporting elvin. luckily it looks like 
>> others are implementing the spec. I love this software and I hope it 
>> continues to exist.
>> Did mantara own all the rights to the other API's they developed. I 
>> think I used to have access to a C API, JAVA API, .NET, PERL, PYTHON, 
>> etc.  Is that all gone now?
>> Is the leading implementation the Arriva one? In other words, if I 
>> want to implement a project using Elvin as the middleware, what do you 
>> recommend?
>> Finally, Is Ted Phelps no longer involved at all? :-) He was a smart guy!
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Richie
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