[elvin-discuss] Hello All

William R. Hazlewood whazlewo at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 11 11:34:04 CDT 2007

I just joined the list, I've been using Elvin over the years, and to my 
surprise when i went to Mantara's webpage to download an update, boom, 
All the sudden the website is in New Jersey and my login does not work.

I've been hunting around the web to try and figure out what happened. I 
guess mantara is no longer supporting elvin. luckily it looks like 
others are implementing the spec. I love this software and I hope it 
continues to exist.

Did mantara own all the rights to the other API's they developed. I 
think I used to have access to a C API, JAVA API, .NET, PERL, PYTHON, 
etc.  Is that all gone now?

Is the leading implementation the Arriva one? In other words, if I want 
to implement a project using Elvin as the middleware, what do you recommend?

Finally, Is Ted Phelps no longer involved at all? :-) He was a smart guy!

Thanks in advance,


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