[elvin-discuss] QosRqst and QosRply missing in parts of the spec

Matthew Phillips matt at mattp.name
Wed Aug 8 18:25:40 CDT 2007

While we're picking holes in the spec, here are a couple of things  
I've noticed.

I've mailed these to David separately, but either the email blocking  
issue we're having has got in the way, or he's avoiding me :)



Client spec sec

* All the "tc_*" constants seem to be off by -1, at least against  
what the je4 API seems to think they are.

* The fold-case and decompose ops seem to be missing.

* "exists_tc" should be "require_tc"?

* "equals_tc" is listed twice with different values. I assume one is  
"equals" and one is "=="?

* There's a regular_expression_tc that seems to be a type that Elvin  
doesn't do anymore? Interesting historical artefact perhaps?

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