[elvin-discuss] Some mention of Elvin and Avis in the blogosphere

Matthew Phillips matt at mattp.name
Sat Jul 7 20:44:39 CDT 2007

Via my Google-filter: Planet Smalltalk, Sunday July 7:

[Apologies if HTML email offends, but they don't seem to believe in  
permalinks, so I've copied the article here]

Ian Cartwright has a post on rest, in particular http, not being the  
answer to all your problems. He touches on some alternatives (no, not  
WS-*!), but another post from April is interesting along the same  
lines: he wonders about reviving multicast on the internet, not just  
on a subnet.

Which led to an interesting comment by Nat Pryce, that there are  
various internet multicast protocols, but anyway here's the  
interesting bits with some links included...

Also, it turns out that it is easier to implement internet scale  
publish/subscribe event dissemination using an overlay network of  
reliable unicast links between routers and only use link-level  
multicast for the last hop, if at all. Have a look at Elvin, Avis and  
Siena, for example.
Update: Good comments, and Nat provided the Avis link.

Also, connected to that little micro-web was an interesting  
discussion on doing the Observer pattern in REST.


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