[elvin-discuss] UDP mode

David Arnold david at mantara.com
Mon Apr 30 23:57:52 CDT 2007

-->"Andrew" == Andrew Davison <andrew at infradig.com> writes:

  Andrew> Playing around in UDP mode and noticed that Sticker then does
  Andrew> not bother with ConnRqst/DisconnRqst messages, just blindly
  Andrew> starts adding subscriptions and doing notifies. Is this right?

err, no.

in terms of the abstract protocol:

there is a UNotify packet, which is the only packet allowed to be used
outside a logical connection established using ConnRqst/ConnRply.  it is
intended for extremely light-weight producers, such as environmental
sensors, etc.

you cannot use UNotify within an existing logical connection, and you
cannot use subscriptions, quenches, TestConn/ConfConn, QosRqst/QosRply,
SecRqst/SecRply, etc, without a logical connection.

when a router accepts an incoming physical connection, it waits for
either a ConnRqst, UNotify or a timeout.  anything else should cause the
physical connection to be dropped.

channels can be established over any reliable, two-way transport.  by
default, this is TCP.

the Mantara/DSTC code implements a fairly bogus UDP protocol module.
it's bogus because it doesn't deal with dropped packets (and maybe not
with packets larger than 64K?), and to safely implement the abstract
protocol, it should.

we have occasionally talked about a "udp2" protocol which addressed
these failings, but it's never seemed worthwhile.

i haven't seen the behaviour you describe from Sticker before.  Sticker
uses Mantara's Java-Elvin classes, so i'll take a look when i get a


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