[elvin-discuss] I guess it works

David Arnold davida at pobox.com
Wed Apr 18 19:44:57 CDT 2007

-->"Andrew" == Andrew Davison <andrew at infradig.com> writes:

hi Andrew,

  Andrew> I guess the spec is sufficient, because I have a router
  Andrew> implemented that works with Sticker clients.

wow!  that was fast!

  Andrew> Minus keys for now (next to do) and quenches (sometime,
  Andrew> ... later).

yeah, that's the normal path of things :-)

  Andrew> A few double takes on some stuff but it all came clean in the
  Andrew> wash.

anything in particular?  i'd like to try to clarify anything that was
obscure or under-specified, if possible.

  Andrew> Can't believe I had to write yet another algebraic
  Andrew> parser... god, how many is that now in 30 years of
  Andrew> programming?


  Andrew> Thanks DA.

no worries.

so, now that you have one, what are your plans for it?  would you like a
link from the elvin.org pages for it?  what language is it written in?

there are various people who might be interested in such a beast, btw,
depending on your plans ...


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