[elvin-discuss] Elvin Client Protocol 4.0 draft 5

Matthew Phillips scramjet at internode.on.net
Mon Jan 15 03:43:29 CST 2007

On 11/01/2007, at 5:59 PM, David Arnold wrote:

> - added a discussion of connection/QoS option names, negotiation  
> process
>   and individual option semantics

Is a description of the QOS packets still on the cards? Do any client  
libs except the C one support it?

I've updated Avis to match the new spec. So I think all that's needed  
now are a few configuration file additions and other minor cleanups  
and I can slap a 1.0 beta sticker on it.

I was also hoping for some feedback from the people that have  
apparently downloaded Avis 130 times, but been very quiet so far. The  
lack of comment is either a very good or very bad sign ;)


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