[elvin-discuss] Elvin Client Protocol 4.0 draft 5

David Arnold davida at pobox.com
Thu Jan 11 01:29:59 CST 2007

this afternoon i published the latest revision of the client protocol


of particular note, the changes include 
- added the TCP.Send-Immediately connection option
- added the NOT_IMPL Nack error code
- changed the names of all standard connection options

other changes from -04 are
- revised the overview text, reverting to use "notification" to describe
  the delivered messages and expanding the discussion of notification,
  subscription and quenching, hopefully making it clearer for neophytes
- corrected various errors in the protocol overview diagrams
- clarified and corrected the description of the subscription language,
  especially the format of literal values
- corrected references to the "sizeof" function to be "size" (thanks
- clarified and corrected the description of several subscription
  language functions
- corrected Unicode references to use U+XXXX syntax, not \uXXXX
- added a discussion of connection/QoS option names, negotiation process
  and individual option semantics
- noted the connection option names used by Mantara's router and
  suggested compatibility work-arounds be implemented
- various formatting fixes

many of these changes stem from Matt's work on Avis, and give me some
hope that we're close to having a useful specification.  

my plan is to work on removing the remaining known issues (most
highlighted with FIXME) in the text, and then call for a final
pre-publication review.



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