[elvin-discuss] Re: Elvin spec

Ian Lister ilister at mantara.com
Wed Jan 10 22:22:52 CST 2007

On Thu, 11 Jan 2007, David Arnold wrote:
> what is required, i think, is a way for the router to inform the client
> library that a requested feature is not supported.  i'm proposing that
> we use Nack error code 2007 for this.

Sure. No problem with that.

For recognised but unsupported features requested in the ConnRqst, the 
router would still send a ConnRply though, right?

> whether a client library enables an application to distinguish between
> NOT_SUPPORTED and NO_ROUTER_SUPPORT, and how it choses to report those
> conditions, is beyond the scope of the protocol spec, imo.

Absolutely. As you mentioned, the client library doesn't have much choice 
(or the choice is fairly obvious). I was just pointing out that the 
suggested NOT_SUPPORTED (a libelvin API error code) is not what that 
implementation would (or should) report to the application.


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