[elvin-discuss] Re: Elvin spec

David Arnold davida at pobox.com
Thu Dec 21 15:08:16 CST 2006

-->"Matt" == Matthew Phillips <matt at mattp.name> writes:

  >> TCP.Send-Packets-Immediately TCP.Send-Immediately TCP.Send-ASAP

  Matt> I like TCP.Send-Packets-Immediately the best of those. Or
  Matt> perhaps, using "positive" forms (i.e. the reverse of
  Matt> TCP.Send-Packets- Immediately, but not put as a negative):

  Matt>    TCP.Queue-Packets TCP.Coalesce-Packets

  Matt> I'm happy with any of the TCP.Send* ones or the ones above
  Matt> really.

I *think* I prefer that we use a name that allows a positive change away
from the default.  

The default behaviour is TCP's default, that is, to try to coalesce data
by waiting a fraction of a second.  To escape that default, I think I'd
prefer to turn something _on_, rather than _off_.

So, while I like both of

  Matt>    TCP.Queue-Packets TCP.Coalesce-Packets

too, I think I prefer 

  >> TCP.Send-Packets-Immediately

because it's something you can turn _on_.

Anyone else want to step in before this is finalised?

  Matt> I'm planning to allow defaults for all of the connection options
  Matt> to be set in the Avis config file. e.g. "Receive-Queue.Drop-
  Matt> Policy=fail". I'm also going to make the matching
  Matt> case-independent.  Sound like a sane thing to do?

I think that's sane.

It's also, handily, Java's default properties file semantics, isn't it?  :-)


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