Notification formats are registered under a name, required to be globally unique. Normally, the name uses a DNS domain name (or at least, the root of the domain name) owned by the organisation that defines the format to ensure uniqueness.

A particular format might have multiple versions defined as the application evolves. Increasing minor version numbers are used for backward-compatible changes, while a change that is incompatible requires a new major version number.

In the following table, the version number is linked to the format specification.

com.dstc.coffeebiff.biff v2.0
com.dstc.coffeebiff.cancel v2.0
com.dstc.coffeebiff.ping v2.0
com.dstc.coffeebiff.pong v2.0
org.elvin.httpdmon v1.0
org.elvin.netstats v1.0
org.elvin.news v1.0
org.elvin.urlchange v1.0
org.elvin.weather.control v1.0
org.elvin.weather.internal v1.0
org.elvin.weather.poll v1.0
org.elvin.weather.surface v1.0
org.tickertape.message v1.0
org.tickertape.message v1.1
org.tickertape.message v1.2
org.tickertape.message v1.3
org.tickertape.message v2.0
org.tickertape.message v3.0
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